MOOC Learning, Musicking, Blogging

Recently started learning about Music Education in 21st Century through a Coursera MOOC based at the University of Sydney. Sharing a link to some part of our social media presence is one of the first assignments (due a few hours ago; because timezones).

I’ve already used this blog to discuss some concepts & issues surrounding musicking. For instance:

Finding Harmony and Overcoming My Polyphony Envy

My last post here dates back to February of last year. Maybe this learning experience will motivate me to blog more.

My About page is basically a copy of the one I had on my main site… which I hadn’t touched in quite a while.

I’ve toyed with the idea of creating a new blog to really focus on musicking. In fact, my current dayjob at COlab numérique explicitly connects to music and digital technology. Might eventually do so.

An academic article in French (published in Anthropologie et sociétés in 2019) reveals quite a bit of my thinking about (and some of my early work on) technological appropriation through music.

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