Alexandre Enkerli — Curriculum Vitæ (PDF)

Bilingual (French/English) technopedagogue, ethnographer, homeroaster, anthropologist, musicker, coffee enthusiast, Maker/dabbler.

Here are five of my key achievements:

  • Taught social sciences and humanities (“ethnographic disciplines,” especially) at eight institutions of higher learning (in Indiana, Massachusetts, Quebec, New Brunswick,  Texas, and Ontario).
  • Conducted formal and informal ethnographic field research in diverse contexts (Québécois families, hunters’ associations in Mali, homebrewers in North America, etc.)
  • Participated in a large number of social networks (connecting musicians to social media specialists, baristas to homebrewers, engineers to academics).
  • Played saxophone in a variety of musical contexts (from duets to mass band, from a Malian band to classical quartets).
  • Written extensively about a wide range of topics (language, music, social networks, coffee, Africa, social media, beer, academia, hedonism, etc.).

The following post may also shed light on my background.

Selling Myself Long « Disparate.

Francophone jusqu’au bout des ongles: né au Québec d’une mère Québécoise et d’un père Suisse-Romand, effectuant des recherches avec des chasseurs au Mali, autrefois marié à une Acadienne…

Un hédoniste dans l’âme et dans les actes. «Nous avons toute la vie pour nous amuser, nous avons toute la mort pour nous reposer»

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